Thursday, January 14, 2010

Globe and Mail Project: #25 WALL STREET EXEC'S OWN THE PODIUM

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Wall Street executives appointed themselves to the
US Olympic stair-climbing squad yesterday, making
them the first and only Olympians in the newest
demonstration sport.
The four bankers appealed successfully to the IOC,
claiming it was unfair that millionaire hockey players
were eligible for medals, while banking officials
were shut out of the Olympics completely.
As there were no challengers for the stair-climbing
event, the foursome immediately claimed their medals
at the podium then proceeded to the bar.
Welcome to day #25 of the Globe and Mail Project. Each day for three months I'll be taking the scissors and glue-stick to Canada's National Newspaper and editing it for your consumption. Feedback on Blogger or by email is welcome!


SayBlade said...

Is stair climbing a winter Olympic sport? Will their be a women's race?

Ka said...

been following your globe & mail project! you pull so many things together! .....and I don't think I'm prejudiced!

Timothy Hunt said...

Stair climbing is a demonstration sport open only to those who can buy their way in. If you're interested, talk to the Wall St. exec's. (No previous stair climbing experience is required.

Thanks for your continued support Ka!

Caesar said...

What part of "stair climbing" needs to be "demonstrated". Really.
Those bankers and their jargon! PLAIN ENGLISH PLEASE.

Timothy Hunt said...

Please Caesar, remember there are those less fortunate who only ride elevators. Stairs do not come naturally to everyone. I myself practice daily on a stairmaster so that I will be prepared should I encounter an unexpected staircase in my daily travels.