Friday, January 15, 2010

Globe and Mail Project: #26, SKATING WITH THE ANIMALS

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Hot on the heels of CBC's runaway hit,
comes the explosive 11 part reality series,
politicians paired with their favorite
mammals, compete against one another
in rugged, outdoor settings.
Tonight, Sports Minister Gary Lunn and his
polar bear take on Prime Minister Stephen Harper
and his kitten in a merciless ice dancing
competition outside the Chateau Lake Louise.

Collage #26 of my Globe and Mail Project: deconstructing Canada's National Newspaper and putting it back together to try and make sense of the world.

I am also posting today's collage to Illustration Friday for this week's topic Wilderness. This is the second polar bear collage in the series (see : FULL-BODY SCANNERS TO BE USED ON POLAR BEARS) and the second about a CBC mini-series (see TRICKY DICK REACHES FOR OLYMPIC GOLD IN VANCOUVER).

Incidentally, here is a picture of our Prime Minister with his kitten, Cheddar. No, this is not a collage. The kitten is real, however I suspect the PM may be a cardboard cut out.


Caesar said...

I suspected the PM had a reason to prorogue the house. He was just getting in good cardiovascular health (for his age group) to meet his opponent. Not quite as burly as Mr. Layton or as wiley as Mr. Ignatieff, our beloved PM must rely on disarming his opponent with surprise. Like being nice perhaps? It's the Canadian way.

Who do you think has the advantage Timothy? The kitten's got it all sewn up in the cuteness department, but not the fuzziness category (for once).

Timothy Hunt said...

Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to ice dancing, Caesar. You never can tell what a skating judge will do. You're right about that fuzzy bit.

Anonymous said...

Is that what the Minister of Sports does. Do you know if the polar bear and the minister will be part of the opening ceremonies at the olympics? That would be fun!

Timothy Hunt said...

I suppose that the Minister would be up for any photo op, but the bear would have to agree. Incidentally, one of these guys is stuffed--can you guess which one?