Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Globe and Mail Project: #30, GLASS HALF FULL, AGREE EXPERTS

(click on image to view larger version)
Results from the latest study at the
Archimedes Institute concluded that
THE GLASS is half empty today.
While half full only yesterday,
experts remain hopeful that it will return to its
former status tomorrow.
Collage #30 of my Globe and Mail Project: deconstructing Canada's National Newspaper and putting it back together to try and make sense of the world. Comments by email or Blogger are welcome!


Johnny Dollar said...

I try to remove all doubt in the matter and keep the glass full to the top.

Anything else means it's not full.

What's the big deal. Can't they figure out a thing like that? All those brains between them and it takes a regular joe to see through the bs.

redcatdance said...

Timothy in your research for this fantastic collage did you come across the formula employed by the Archimedes Institute experts as to how they mathematically derived their conclusions? Surely it is arrived at through the careful application of scientific principles and not simply one of fallible human judgment, or worse yet, "feelings"?!

Timothy Hunt said...

Well John, maybe the "think tank" is empty.
RCD, I never doubt the conclusions of a Scientific Institute. You know how mercurial the turkey gizzard can be.