Thursday, May 10, 2012

Timothy Hunt @ Zen Kitchen for Chinatown Remixed 2012

Tribal Masks of Urban Culture
New work by Timothy Hunt
Saturday May 12, 2012 (continuing until August 31)
At Zen Kitchen,(Stop # 32 on the tour)
634 Somerset Street West
Vernissage: 2 pm to 5 pm
As part of the Chinatown Remixed street celebration

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chinatown on Main St -- Chinatown Remixed 2012

I went a-posterin' in my neighborhood on the weekend.  Here's a taste of Chinatown Remixed around Main Street and the Canal.  It's always bustling around here; Spring is in the air, Market season has begun, bike races, Tulip Festival...
and then a quiet moment on the Pretoria Bridge on Saturday night gazing at the Super moon.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Riveting! -- Chinatown Remixed 2012

 My friend Randy Cartwright introduced me to the pop-rivet gun back in Sudbury, when we were working on a friend's rusted out Camaro.  He could fix or make anything and won all possible awards in Shop class from grade 7, right through high school. 

   The hand riveter I use now, I bought at the old Pascal Hardware in Montreal for seven bucks.  In our street-vending days on
Ste. Catherine st., I used it to rivet pieces of hardware to leather bracelets, and it has been useful for making and repairing all sorts of things since.

  It has been especially handy for making masks, like the ones I'll be showing at Zen Kitchen for Chinatown Remixed. A true craftsman like Randy would find a way to hide the rivets, but I like the way they look.  Like my old math teacher used to say..."show  your work!"

Hope to see you all on Somerset St. this Saturday!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Where do you find this Stuff?--Chinatown Remixed 2012

One question I am asked most often by those viewing my artwork is, "Where do you get this stuff?"
The odd bits of junk I use to make collage, sculpture, and the masks for my upcoming show at Zen Kitchen for Chinatown Remixed, are culled from here, there and everywhere.

I have a large collection of scrap metal pieces that have fallen off cars that I pick up off the road and throw in the milk crate on the back of my bike on my rides home from work in the wee hours.  Most of these have been sculpted by rust and salt and flattened by traffic.

I am also a collector of bikes and a lot of bike parts make it into my work.  This bike was rescued from the canal--Check out the zebra mussels that have attached themselves to the bell.

Friends an neighbours who see me at work offer me things from their garages and basements and trunks of cars.

Don't kid yourself, Ottawa is not all tulips and Parliament buildings.  We have our share of nitty gritty vacant lots, dead ends and it is sad and surprising how many things show up in and along the banks of the Rideau River where I canoe with my sons.

We throw out a lot of good things, some of them admittedly obsolete.  When I find beauty and mystery in something useless, rusty, and broken, I take it home and try to make something out of it.

Junk Sketch, May 2012