Wednesday, January 13, 2010


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Controversy continued to dog the Olympic Torch Relay
as a flash from two torches ignited an abandoned
popcorn factory outside North Battleford yesterday.
VANOC officials were quick to commend the community
for their organized cleanup, and the local Jumbo Video
for providing free videos to the volunteers.
Since kindergarten, we've been told that running with scissors is a dangerous thing. 12,000 people running across the land with fiery sticks? You be the judge. Two other collages from this series involving the olympic torch: GOOGLE TORCH CAM and NEW YEAR'S EVE TURF WAR BLACKENS EYE OF OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY. Incidentally, there is an Olympic torch cam on the CTV website so that you can follow the torch, accomapanied by a google map entitled "Where is the Torch Now". The webcam is actually mounted on the truck and not on the torch itself.

Welcome to day #24 of the Globe and Mail Project. Each day for three months I'll be taking the scissors and glue-stick to Canada's National Newspaper and editing it for your consumption. Feedback on Blogger or by email is welcome!


Caesar said...

Did the population get hearing tests soon therafter? My guess is it was a few decibels above the allowed level re: noise bylaws.

Bet it smelled good though.

Timothy Hunt said...

Fortunately,Caesar, this occured in Saskatewan and not in a more densely populated area of the nation. No doubt the butter churns were working overtime.