Friday, July 22, 2011

Decidedly Low-tech

I've been working away on some art blocks for tomorrow's Urban Art show. This picture shows the hi-tech operation out on the picnic table. Yes, that is the canoe (A.K.A) "the barnacle", peeking out from behind the shed. Typewriter, scissors, glue, old magazines and maps are some of the necessary ingredients. The coffee is essential for that little burst of energy after last night's graveyard shift. I would not have finished up any new blocks for the show if it weren't for late night input and elbow grease from Karen (thanks!), and inspiration from our garden muse.

Hope to see you tomorrow at Minto Park, Elgin and Gilmour, between 9 and 6 pm.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Urban Art @ Minto Park 2011

Come on down to Minto Park at Elgin and Gilmour on July 23 for this annual event that brings together a fine selection of local talent in the Ottawa art and craft scene. I will be at spot number 41A with Mobius t-shirts and artwork, alongside friend and former co-organizer Katie Argyle who has recently relocated, but is returning to Ottawa for this show!