Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Illustration Friday: Hatch

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Hullo, Houston?
We seem to have landed on...
Hullo? Hullo?...
Mighty cold out here.

A bit of seasonal nostalgia for my heritage in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and time spent there during the "space race" era.


Piper said...

that's great! i love how there is so much to see in your collages, always something new that i missed each time i look. also, seeing the space dude in the open window of the eggnog carton reminds me of this spaceship my big sister made out of huge boxes when we were little, which you could actually crawl through and it seemed to go on forever with twists and turns. she put pictures up inside of it and it had windows and such and to this day it remains, in my memory, the coolest invention ever.

Cats With Hands said...

This is nice picture.