Thursday, December 17, 2009


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All right, Babar, you win.
Release hostage Peter Mansbridge
and we will attempt to meet your demands.
It won't be easy, though.
This whole damn country's gone peanut-free!

The Globe and Mail is sending me a 3 month subscription for free. Everyday I will be posting a collage using only images from that day's Newspaper. This is day four. I need a drink of water. Maybe some soup.


Caesar said...

Peter doesn't look very upset. Perhaps he has peanuts in his pockets to feed the squirrels as he makes his way to the CBC studios to tape The National every night? The army guy looks serious.
Babar looks serious. And this crowd, as your crowds often do, looks chaotic.

Is this really a sociological comment on gift giving?

Yours, with a ponder and a puff on my pipe,


ps. I do enjoy your efforts!

Timothy Hunt said...

Well Caesar, as you know,Mr.Mansbridge is a consumate professional. His years of experience in keeping cool under even the most stressfull situations definitely show here. And you Caesar, you read between the lines as well as Mr. Mansbridge reads the news!

SayBlade said...

This is somewhat reminiscent of the art in "Good Buy Canada" (1975) by Murray Soupcoff, Gary Dunford and Rick Salutin. I love this kind of work!

Timothy Hunt said...

Thanks for the compliment sister. I'll have to look that one up, though. cheers!