Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Globe and Mail Project: #7, APPLE UNVEILES iPOD DESKTOP

(click on image to view larger version)
Undeterred by brutal weather conditions, eager holiday shoppers
came out in droves for the advanced release
of the new iPhone Desktop,
featuring big screen and large, easy-turn knobs.
This is day 7 of 90 days of collage, dedicated to all those who still haven't done their Christmas shopping.


Johnny Dollar said...

Finally a product aimed for those with bad eyes and with the arthritis.

Fair price too.

Yours truly,

Johnny Dollar.

Caesar said...

Can you get short wave on that?
Does it come with a built in antenna?! Give me two; one for home AND office.


Timothy Hunt said...

yeah Caesar, and there's a bigger model with feet that sits on your floor with a big antenna that you can lash to the roof of your house, and it gets Ham signals from all over the world! Those people at apple. What'll they think of next.