Monday, December 28, 2009

The Globe and Mail Project: #10, Waiting for the Globe

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Waiting for the Globe, with apologies to Samuel Beckett

Another day in limbo, as the Globe has not yet arrived. No matter, 90 days of collage will continue as long as there is hope that some day the paper will arrive again. Today's collage is made from Dec. 23-24th's papers. I butchered some text from Waiting for Godot and I've managed two collages from the lovely A.Y. Jackson painting In Jasper Park from the cover of the Christmas Eve Edition.
So today, I was thinking about waiting for newspapers and was reminded of the days I delivered the Sudbury Star. For a long time they had circulation problems and the papers were constantly dropped off late to the carriers. After school, on cold winter days I would wait for hours outside the confectionery for my newspaper bundle to arrive while consuming my weight (and profits) in pop and chocolate bars. The customers would blame us for late delivery and withhold much needed tips. I'm not sure if there are paper boys, or girls anymore. Our paper is delivered by a man in a van with a faulty transmission (sometimes he has to run after his van and jump into it while it is moving). Maybe there are still kids who deliver the paper in Kirkland Lake?


Caesar said...

The gravitas of this situation is haunting. I realize the paper has probably resumed it's arrival on your doorstep by now but this captures your inner angst very well.


Johnny Dollar said...

You can't trust kids or corporations.