Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Globe and Mail Project: #11, Life continues despite Globe oversight

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Life continues despite "Globe" oversight
"I just have to carry on as if everything
is normal", said the man, his voice betraying
little emotion.
After three consecutive days of missed delivery
on a free three month subscription many would give up hope,
but this man remains optimistic.
"My chair is comfortable and I'm not waiting
in an airport", he said, "the world will
continue its steady demise with, or without
the Globe and Mail", he added.
Today was the third consecutive, and fourth day of the last twelve delivery days, that I did not receive my free paper. You get what you pay for?
I was unable to reach the subscription department at the Globe yesterday, but the polite and efficient representative that I spoke with today (after speaking with the robot man, having my call redirected and waiting on hold for aproximately 5 minutes) assured me that the wrinkle would be ironed out and I will receive my newspaper tomorrow.

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