Sunday, December 20, 2009


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Suddenly the Board of Directors understood
the lacklustre support of the membership.
The Steward had confused the rose coloured glasses
with the spectacles of grim reality.
I am recieving The Globe and Mail for free for 90 days and am endeavoring to post one collage a day using images from the paper. This should be day 6, but my paper did not arrive on friday, so this is to replace my alternate programming from the previous day 5 post.


Caesar said...

Well said Timothy!

I have often found when I cleaned my rose infucatus vas with a chamois I was overtaken by the grim animadverto in front of me. Let's hope 2010 shines a bright light and dissipates all that gloom and doom.

Shine On Mr. Hunt!

Timothy Hunt said...

Caesar, your wisdom is a testament to your namesake. Let us greet the new year with a clean chamois and a well fueled torch.
Long live Caesar!

Caesar said...

Mr. Hunt, before we start our revelry, let us ensure our chamois is from recyled material and not made by the sweatshops producing the likes of the chamois we may find at the local Dollarama. Indeed, it would be best if the torch we hold aloft did not burn fossil fuel but perhaps bacon fat as this is the season when much of the brined and smoked pork meat is consumed. We need be always aware of remaining carbon neutral, even in our festivities.