Monday, February 1, 2010

Globe and Mail Project: #40, The Answer

(click on image to view larger version)
This week's Illustration Friday topic is focused.
Collage #40 of my Globe and Mail Project: deconstructing Canada's National Newspaper and putting it back together to try and make sense of the world. All images used in this collage were clipped from today's Globe.


Feshari said...

I love your collages! This one is perfect for the "focus" description.
Wise words in a nice collage. :-)

Yaya said...

very inspiring

Ren said...

This is a unique interpretation and one of the first I've seen that uses words. The text adds everything.

redcatdance said...

It's hard to stay focused on what matters. That you've made so many collages all in a row is a great interpretation of the word focused in and of itself. Keep going Tim!
I $mell $ucce$$.

Timothy Hunt said...