Thursday, February 11, 2010

Globe and Mail Collage: #49, SKATING WITH THE BULLS

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Hoping to expand its fan base and lure more Spaniards to the Olympics,
the IOC will introduce bulls to the sport of ice dancing at
this year's games.
Collage #49 of my Globe and Mail Project: deconstructing Canada's National Newspaper and putting it back together to try and make sense of the world. All images used in this collage were clipped from today's Globe.


Ka said...

good one!

SayBlade said...

Will the bulls march with the athletes at the opening ceremonies? Will the bulls be tested for performance enhancing drugs? What's next, bulls declaring the Olympic Games open?

Timothy Hunt said...

Thanks, Ka
I'm not sure about all that, SayBlade, but everyone will have to keep on there toes to avoid the bull-you-know-what.

redcatdance said...

Tim have you heard whether bull riding or calf roping will be added to The Games? I think and ice dancing/bull riding combo would be riveting.

Timothy Hunt said...

I'm surprised they didn't try that in Calgary. Looking at evolution of ice dancing and the costumes, sorry, uniforms, I don't think "Ice Wrangling" would be a stretch.