Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lumiere Ottawa, 2011

I set up for the Festival early Saturday, and was finished installing my six masks in the beautiful sunshine by 1 pm. Shortly thereafter the skies opened up and we had a heavy downpour. Fortunately, by late afternoon things cleared up and the Festival got underway on schedule. Here are some images of the masks I made for the festival as they appeared in the daylight and then at night.

The crowd that walked through Stanley Park was estimated at about 8000. This Festival holds it's charm with handmade lanterns, candlelight, local visual and performing artists, acoustic musicians and actors. Many come to the Festival in costumes and carrying lanterns.

The grand finale was the spectacular firedancers, whose performance coincided coincidentally with the Lac Leamy fireworks, which could be seen and heard in the background.
I was pleased to meet photographer, Louise Imbeault who took some lovely photo's at the festival and posted them to her website.

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redcatdance said...

This was some of your best work yet, but I know you have quite a few years yet before you peak. I'm looking forward to your next artistic endeavour.