Sunday, April 4, 2010

Submission to C4 Gallery

This is my submission for the C4 Gallery, a mobile gallery that houses each work in a small drawer. My piece is a mini globe of my community. Because of its shape, the ball will revolve when the drawer is opened revealing different viewpoints and reflecting the changes taking place in the landscape.
From the City of Ottawa Website:
The C4 Gallery is a one-of-a-kind mobile cabinet that will travel to community centres across Ottawa for two-month exhibits. The cabinet’s 24 drawers have been specially designed to display small pieces of art submitted by a wide range of artistic talents, from emerging to professional artists. Every two months, the C4 Gallery will be moved to a different community centre with a new set of thought-provoking art pieces tucked inside its drawers. Artwork currently on display is swapped with the incoming art, so that each contributing artist is presented with a piece of art in exchange for his submission to the gallery.


Isabel said...

Very cool.

Please let us know about any updates on the exhibit!

Caesar said...

This idea is simple, effective and artistic. Nice job Mr. H.