Monday, April 5, 2010

Black Box Collage: #4 Steady Growth

For further evidence of our company's
modest, but steady growth, please refer
to the tie graph below.
Sources for today's collage from my recycle box include, The Globe and Mail, Enbridge Newsletter, Renovation tips flyer. Text is typed on a lunch bag.

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Caesar said...

Hmmm. According to the graph growth peaked in Jan 2006 and it's been flat for three years and this year the bar is in red which can't be good. Nothing in red on a graph is good. I wonder what kind of crazy graph-i-ness is being hidden by our tie-wearing executive? Maybe the bars of the graph are de-stabilized and they don't even touch the y-axis! I'd cover that up too. Too alarming to the average graph reader. Can't wait for these trying economic times to pass so we can read our graphs without stealing ourselves for shocks all the time. grrr.