Sunday, August 3, 2014

Against the Grain, Burr House Gallery, Richmond Hill, ON, Aug 1 to Sept 28, 2014

Artists Timothy Hunt and Katie Argyle have forged a longtime friendship based on the exchange of art and ideas in many manifestations including mail art, one page books, collages, off-beat stories and poems, even light-based outdoor sculpture.  Now, hundreds of kilometres apart, they continue to inspire, instigate and irritate one another into a state that results in inevitable creative output. 50/50, Against the Grain, brings together the artists' unique reflections on a half century of life.  This time they are both using the medium of wood and the results cannot help but go against the grain.


redcatdance said...

Hello Tim. We're all hoping you can make it sometime during the show to a meet the artists event. Everyone is curious about you... and rightly so.

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