Saturday, December 1, 2012

Refab 1, Dec. 1st at the ReStore

December 1st?  How did that happen?  What better way to usher in the final month of the year, than with blistering cold and a trip to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore?

Drop off donations for Habitat for Humanity, buy a storm door, drink some coffee and talk to a local artist!

At today's art event, dubbed Refab I  (artists showing work with reclaimed materials in a recycling environment) , I was joined by two fabulous interdisciplinary art-friends, Annette Hegel, and Nancy Green.  I was privileged to spend the day exchanging stories and ideas with these engaging and inspirational folk.

Annette Hegel, a local and international art activist who has done everything (no, really!) , brought intriguing pieces combining miniature figures with reclaimed objects to create arresting environments that challenge ones sense of scale while drawing in political themes.

In Watching the fireworks, tiny white figures sit watching Gaza burning from their perch on a chunk of rusted steel.

Nancy Green, whose show, Variable Change at Zen Kitchen runs until the end of December, is exceedingly resourceful at combining found objects in smart compositions and shows remarkable facility with paint, ceramics and metal while maintaining an art of delicacy. 

 The work Nancy brought to the show included paintings on off cuts of plastered doors, glassed in drawers with birds nests and framed antique bottles with subtle text punched into copper strapping.

I brought a selection of current junk masks, and debuted my 2013 photo calendar.

Thanks to Myrna and the Gang at the ReStore for their hospitality and remember, you can now bring your e-waste to either NCR location anytime.  Look out for Refab II, coming in the new year!

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redcatdance said...

I want a calendar.

Would have loved to have spent the day with you three! I hope that people were stopped dead int heir tracks an perhaps they saw their purchases in a slightly different way because of you guys.

Glad to see a new post! More please.