Thursday, November 19, 2009

Illustration Friday: Unbalanced

"Houses On My Street"
cereal box collage

These are all buildings in my neighbourhood. People move here because it has a "quaint", small-town feel. They buy quaint, small houses then knock them down and build ridiculously large houses . Unbalanced.

I'll be donating this piece to the annual fundraising auction at Saw Gallery, called Sketch, Friday, November 27, 8pm until 2am.


translucentblue said...

This is wonderful - I love the distinctive brush strokes and your choice of colors.

Art Fan Ako said...

Nice building... Pisa-ish.

Gavin Goo said...

Nice painting :) Like the twist you did to the large building!

Amanda Crawford said...

This is my favourite IF entry this week!

SayBlade said...

Isn't that crazy, eh? People want more quiet space, but then they have to travel to the noisy unquaint spaces where they work. They make hustle and bustle on the way so other people's quiet is disturbed. Maybe if we wait long enough, all the people who want the quiet and make noise to get there will have moved away from us, leaving some quiet behind for us!

The cereal box lettering showed through and it made me hungry. So I ate some. Reminded me of two big needs people have. Hunger and housing.