Tuesday, January 20, 2009

From the Archives: 14 April 2000

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I was recently going through my basement and came across a bundle of collages that were all stuck together. I haven't had the heart to try to pick them apart yet to see if they can be saved, so until the right rainy day comes along they will stay that way.
So, I decided that I would start scanning some of the things I did before digital technology came into my life.
This was from a series of collages I did from the daily newspaper on cereal boxes. Each day I would go through the paper and cut out anything of interest, both text and images and then try to make a narrative out of the stack. It is meant to be read like a comic panel.
This particular collage was from an article about Charlton Heston's speech in British Columbia in 2000. The text is all directly from his speech--you just can't make this stuff up folks!
I meant to post this when Mr. Heston died last year, but couldn't put my hands on it at the time.

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WorkingWords100 said...

It's interesting to see how your work evolves by digging out this collage!

I like how you even reuse the cereal boxes.