Monday, December 1, 2008

NaNoWriMo 2008, We did it!

National Novel Writing Month is done for 2008 and Karen and I both completed our 50,000 words before last night's deadline. Karen finished up last week and I limped over the finish line yesterday thanks to her encouragement (it helps having a real writer in the house!). My approach was to write the minimum number of words per day and after missing three days in a row twice in the month I thought I was beat. It was a very busy month. I started two new jobs, had a solo art exhibit, two Christmas Art and Craft sales, started math tutoring at the school where I also volunteer 2 part days a week and took a Knitting for Men workshop at my friend Carol's store Wabi Sabi among othere things, so I'm glad I was able to perservere.

What I didn't do was keep up on email, or blog posts. I planned to put in a few progress reports along the way and that just didn't happen, so thanks for checking in!

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julia said...

So now you're not only a writer, an artist, but also a knitter ? Do you like knitting ?