Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We've Created a Monster: Dovercourt Recreation Centre until Oct. 30

We've Created a Monster is a playful exhibition of fictional and everyday monsters put together by myself and long-time artist/friend Katie Argyle.

We've Created a Monster ran for August and September at the Burr House Gallery in Richmond Hill.  It can be seen in it's latest incarnation at The Linda Street Gallery in the Lobby of Dovercourt Recreation Centre, 411 Dovercourt St., Ottawa for the month of October.  The show will be taken down on October 30th to make way for the Community Centre's annual Halloween extravaganza featuring the ever popular haunted house, engineered by students of Carleton University.

It was a great privilege to visit Katie at her new home in Richmond Hill when we took down the show, and to see evidence of her creative exploits all over the region.  Take a minute to vote for her mural in Downtown Markham's Perfect City competition!