Sunday, July 12, 2009

What's he doing out there?

What's all that tinkering going on in the garage? I've been working on an installation to be included in this year's Lumiere Festival. Stay tuned!
How do you thank someone for loaning you an accordion for over 10 years? What kind of person calls you on a Wednesday, so she can get her accordion back in order to learn to play Flight of the BumbleBee while reciting The Rime of the Ancient Mariner in Latin, for the weekend? I am humbled and truly inspired. Thanks A.

Countdown to Urban Art at Minto Park

I went a posterin' with my 2 pint-sized helpers last Thursday. It was uncharacteristically hot for this summer, and they were paid with a trip to the museum and a frozen treat--Thanks guys!
Organizing this year's Minto Park show with friend Katie has definitely been a learning experience and the show is shaping up nicely with 50+ fantastic local artists and artisans (check out our show blog at Don't miss this rare opportunity to buy art directly from your friendly neighbourhood artists!